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Was born the morning of February 16th, 1978 at 8.45am in Buenos Aires. This makes her an Aquarius with a Pisces rising and Moon in Gemini. She was probably born with her eyes wide open. I doubt she was born head down, or even feet down… Who knows? What is certain is that when she was taken to get cleaned up, the nurses were frightened by her piercing eyes. The tiny baby looked at them seriously, analyzing them. The nurses tried without success to make her laugh. Except for one, who instead of making funny noises and faces, contemplated her in silence and caressed her little fingers. This nurse earned her curiosity and she looked upon her with love.

When she was being passed from hand to hand, she cried for the freedom that had already been taken away from her. This upset her mother who was holding the baby in her arms for the first time. Luckily the baby was soon left in her transparent cradle and in her own world she looked peaceful.
The problem was that in that short-lived, crucial moment, when she was discovering something about her inner-self, a nurse or a doctor disrupted her in their pursuit of a trivial task.

She grew up, and of course she became a rebel. But instead of partying like any other teenager, she spent her nights at the theatre on Corrientes Avenue watching musicals. Instead of falling in love with boyfriends she fell in love with artists she still admires and is inspired by.
Only a few could understand her, leading her to self doubt as to her true identity.

Fortunately, distance always helps us to see things in perspective. So off she went to pursue self-realization. And there, in that big city, known as the Mecca of cinema, where all wishes come true, she met the other one, on the afternoon of September 19th, 2001.


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