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She is one of the two. She was born a year later than Candela in 1979, a few miles away, in Pamplona. But this does not explain her naÔve, spontaneous and joyful character. Rather, one could blame the sun, on that November 29th at 3.30pm as it was set in the sign of Sagittarius. Either that, or her inherited genetic qualities from her mother, whose power to fantasize and play is unlimited. However, their first years of life were influenced by the moon (and rising sign), both in Aries. She wouldn't stop crying. Her impatience filled her with anger, she wanted to walk at only 9 months old. It may also be her genes in this case. Her father did not enjoy the tears and tantrums, but he preferred this behavior than having a sleepy and boring baby.

As a child she was cheerful and bossy. She took her fantasy and games into the real world to gain comfort. If someone did not obey her she would get angry until she got her way. Not because they didnít do what she wanted but because she could not understand why anyone would not want to play.

When she grew up she realized that if she wanted to keep her playful nature she needed to work as a fantasy maker. So guided by the Aries courage she flew to the city of Angels. Her departure date was September 17th. But as faith would have it, the airports were closed due to the New York Twin Towers attack. So she flew on September 19th and as soon as she landed, in that huge city, ten times bigger than her nature city, Pamplona, she met the Aquarian.


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