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Blue Lips
"Each director manages to combine his intimate and sensitive story in a sea of flesh and an adrenaline storm context."
Behind the scenes

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"Know thyself". That was the requirement that could be read over the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Delphi by whoever came to know their destiny. It was not so much a call to the introspective exploration but a way to remember: You are human! Your destiny is only in the hands of the gods! The imperative was ignored by the protagonists of Greek tragedies who never died of old age. (The protagonists of Greek tragedies who never died of old age systematically ignored the imperative.)

The inability to change fate or eliminate the uncertainty of life (each with their own beliefs) has never been well accepted by the people, and that inability is a major source of suffering. Suffering arises when the most reasonable decisions are not taken to face the reality that surrounds us; in some occasions due to the incompetence to understand it, in other beacuse instead of acting on what we know, we do according to what we want.

The characters of Blue Lips either fight, deny or ignore reality, and just like the Greek gods did with humans who did not accept their condition, life is ruthless with them. Life gives and life takes away and gives no explanations for it. Malena, Sagrario, Kalani, Oliver, Vittorio and Guido received precious qualities that later disappeared. They never ask why they were given those qualities in the first place, but only blame life for taking them away, and while stuck in their frustration they forget that they are not dead yet. For different reasons, the characters of Blue Lips end up in Pamplona during the San Fermin festivities, a sort of limbo in a way, where for a few days the qualities received or lost don’t matter and they just simply live.

In such mythical place, where euphoria and exaltation of being mix with abandonment and degradation, they’ll have the opportunity to break away from the preconceptions they have on how to be happy, and will be able to decide whether they prefer to either stay dead or learn to live life accepting whatever it brings at any given time.


BLUE LIPS is a project by a group of young filmmakers from around the world that met in Los Angeles while studying film back in 2001. Ten years later, they decided to meet again and make a feature film together.

Taking advantage they are scattered throughout the world, they develop a feature film with six characters from different cities that travel to Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival where their lives converge.

In order to show unique worlds for the characters, each of them is directed by a director who co-directed in Pamplona the scenes in which the characters interact.

BLUE LIPS is produced by CRONOPIA FILMS and FOSCA FILMS, was shot in Pamplona, Matera, Los Angeles, Oahu, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires and open in movie theaters in Spain on November 7th, 2014.


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